What do we do once on board?

For many this question is what can make the mood for the rest of the cruise.

climbing to board

Addressing first and then comes the question: What do we do?

After not always pleasant boarding process you is finally on board. Some waiters guide you to reach your cabin. The hallways seem narrow and the way to the same maze but the Minotaur.

And only just entered his cabin … But attention, yet they did not finish their “work”, as you still need to do some paperwork and Shipboard confirmations to ensure a pleasant stay on the cruise.

Here we give a suggestion, a list of tasks to be performed right after the cruise ship:

Go to Buffet: More than a job, it is a necessity. Since first things first, if your stomach is crying out for some food, no choice but to satisfy it. Remember that nothing is pleasant if one is hungry. So, go straight to buffet the ship, which surely will be open the day of shipment.

Check the cabin: Now if, once your stomach satisfied, return to your cabin and check the facilities and furniture. Scroll through every detail of the cabin, the location and distribution and the comfort of the bed and if not adequate, ask for the change. Make sure that everything runs smoothly in the cabin, such as lights, air conditioning, television, telephone, safe, etc. Ensure that the wardrobe is all in order, especially if they check lifejackets. In the bathroom the shower ensure that work properly if there is no problem with hot water, the state of the shower curtain etc. The same review the operation of the toilet, as well as check for missing items not needed for personal grooming such as shampoo, soap, towels etc. If you find defects and missing, please advise your waiter or assistant. All this to ensure a pleasant stay in the cabin during the trip.

Checking cabin

Check your cabin running well and see all

Check and turn the table for dinner: While already assigned Dining assigned shift, it is important to go to the restaurant and confirm your turn and the table. Go to assigned restaurant and locate the manager or head of the place and ask for confirmation of the turn and the table. Ensure that touches the table will be composed of people who speak the same language as you, and if not, ask for the change table. If traveling in large groups, ensure that members of the group share the same table. If traveling on business and want privacy, you can request a table for two, but it depends on the availability of time. It is also the time to ask for special meals such as gluten meal, diet meals, etc.

SPA Service

SPA Service

Hiring tours: If you plan excursions offered by the shipping in the destinations, this is the right time to hire them. Go to the offices of the boat trips and see the different options of excursions offered by the shipping company. While offering the shipping cost more than they can hire you on their own, have the benefit of being more comfortable and organized, plus you do not risk missing the boat by late excursions.

Participate in evacuation exercise: It is a mandatory exercise in which all the ship’s passengers required by international maritime safety laws must participate. Usually the exercise is the same day of shipment ago, the time of the start of it available on the board daily. The boat staff also constantly alert for Boat megaphones and speakers when the meeting begins. The exercise begins when the alarm (seven short beeps and one long), after which you must appear at the assigned meeting point (Muster Station) for your cabinet with life jacket found in each cabin sounds. The meeting point of the cabin is indicated on a sign located behind the door of his cabin and / or life jacket.

Steps in accounting offices: Go to accounting offices and ask to register your credit card to make the extra expenses on board the cruise with your boarding pass. Those who do not have the credit cards, you can make a deposit in cash.

Hire the pack of beverages: In the daily programming on board, you will find the deals and tips pack of drinks.

When you have completed these tasks, you can go and enjoy the cruise your way. The best thing at this point is to do a tour on foot to explore and learn about the boat, but if you prefer to do something else, can go to the pool, the spa, the bar for drinks, the restaurant …

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