Ways to Experience Art While You Travel at Sea

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What better way to travel is there than to spend some time on a beautiful ship at sea that includes every amenity you could ever dream of?  Cruises might be the best way to vacation ever. You get to soak up the sun, eat as much food and you can possibly stomach, and get waited on hand and foot.

Cruises are not only limited to these aspects, though. Did you know that while at sea, you can experience art in ways you never imagined. Here are some different ways that you can appeal to your creative side, or feel like a cultured aristocrat while you travel at sea.

Attend An Art Auction or Exhibit

For years, the most popular thing to do on a cruise ship has been to attend an art auction or exhibit. The trend was made popular by Park West Gallery, a Michigan based gallery that has proudly displayed many different artist’s work throughout the years. Park West Gallery has made its place as the largest art dealer in the world.

Currently, Park West is cruising with the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Escape. The ship is the largest  Norwegian ship to date, and accommodates 4,700 passengers. It is the first ship to feature artwork on the hull that was done by Park West Gallery artist, Guy Harvey. If you want a taste of quality art and an experience you’ll never forget, board the Escape during one of their auctions.

Spend a Night at the Theatre

Just because you’re at sea doesn’t mean you’re limited in the kinds of art you get to partake in. Another way to enjoy art while on the open sea is to see what sort of onboard entertainment is available.

Cruise ships are famous for offering fabulous entertainment that ranges from live music, to musical theatre, to dinner and a show, to comedy acts. If you’re partial to one form of entertainment, be sure to book the cruise that offers it. Otherwise, be adventurous and go to a show you would otherwise never go to. It’s your vacation, it’s time to live it up.

Get Educated While You Experience Art

The beautiful thing about art is the fact that it varies in its interpretation and intent. Some art is there just to make you feel, others are there to teach you something, some want to entertain you, some want to distract you, but all are beautiful in their own form.

Queen Mary 2, operated by Cunard Cruise Line, is the only ship to offer an at sea planetarium. Someone else’s art gets to be a tool for you to become more educated on the beautiful universe that we live in. Queen Mary 2 is also home to the largest ballroom at sea.

No matter the cruise you select, you will have no shortage on the amount of art you get to experience while at sea. Cruises are really an exceptional way to travel as they give you the best of so many different worlds. Happy vacationing.

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