Wanted Bride for Tom Cruise


Singleness of actor Mission Impossible and Top Gun went from being the highest paid Hollywood last year made headlines for his private life: first, because of their links to the controversial Church of Scientology, after the separation from his wife Katie Holmes and now the list of suitors who supposedly has.

Apparently, Scientology gets to the point in life that Cruise actually affects when selecting their girlfriends, with a sort of list of possible candidates governed by the values of the church. The first case dates back to 2004, when the Iranian-born British actress Nazanin Boniadi revealed to Vanity Fair selection process to which he was subjected in the so called church as a candidate for the new love of the interpreter.


Now it was the turn of the Norwegian Anette Iren Johansen, whose account of the “loving interview” that was submitted matches the Boniadi, something that looks more like an audition than a tryst, must answer a series of strange questions and all kinds among those found, for example, if you have ever had any type of sexual perversion and, if so, which one.


According to Australian confesses Women`s Day, Johansen was 27 when she was subjected to this investigation. At first the process was not surprised since she had participated in the selection process as an actress and model projects related to Scientology. However, he became suspicious when he noticed that it involved only women, there was a script and a certain atmosphere of tension between the organizers perceived.

Full details of the questionnaire and the “test” were directed toward the personal and from Cruise, which ended up confusing the actress. After the process, Johansen was found by chance in Boniadi article in Vanity Fair and doubts one by one answered, he never knew, but had engaged bride to be Tom Cruise.

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