“Visiting Palembang? Tips To Perfect Your Travel To Do List”

Can you believe how much there is to do in Palembang? No wonder. It is the second largest city in Sumatra. This area is full of exciting options for travellers. That includes the Ampera Bridge, the Great Mosque of Palembang, and the Sultan Mahumd Badaruddin II Museum. To name just a few noteworthy attractions. With so much to do it might seem impossible to get it all done. Especially during a vacation to Indonesia. It doesn’t have to be impossible or overwhelming. Just focus on the most important spots. That’s right! It is time to narrow down your itinerary. Here are a few tips to perfect your travel to do list in Palembang.


Think About What You Really Need To See. Okay. So there is an awful lot to see in Palembang. This is why it is such a popular tourist spot. Once you have finished easy online hotels booking it is time to start thinking about your trip. (No, not just your amazing room at Favehotel Palembang!) Instead of over filling your travel itinerary it is important to pause. Think about all of the amazing things there are to see and do in Palembang. Then begin to narrow down your list. Which spots do you really need to see? Which ones will you be disappointed if you miss? Those are the ones you need to prioritize. Everything will be a wonderful extra.


Be Realistic About The Amount Of Time You Have. The best possible advice you can get? Be realistic. This is especially important as you begin to shape your travel to do list. You might want to see absolutely everything you possibly can. However if you are only in Palembang for five days or a week…you might be unable to accomplish everything on your wish list. So be as realistic as you can. Think about the amount of time you have, how long you will need at each attraction, and of course, how long it will take to get there. Once you start thinking realistically? You can create a wonderful, exciting, and stress free travel to do list.

Factor In Things Like Location and Cost. Speaking of being realistic? There are a few things you will need to think about. Like the location of each attraction you want to see and the costs. Why are these so important? Certain attractions might be closer together than others. By checking out nearby attractions on the same day you can save money on travel expenses and really maximize your time. All it takes is a little preparation and research. As for costs…. some attractions require an entrance fee. Be sure to look into that beforehand and decide whether or not you are willing to pay for the visit.

Ask Locals For Recommendations. Your travel to do list is almost ready. Does it feel like it is missing something? That is okay. You can add in an activity or two after you arrive. Simply speak to locals (either at the hotel or while you are out) about recommendations. They might be able to point you in the right direction. Like a museum you might have walked by or a picturesque spot you did not consider. Or a restaurant that serves the best local cuisine. The whole idea is to be open to travel experiences. This can enrich your travel experience in unexpected and amazing ways.

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