Visa for England visa to Ireland

Visa for England visa to Ireland

A new visa agreement between Ireland and the UK became public recently. Through this agreement both tourists and business people traveling to the two countries without the need to obtain a visa varies between countries but only a valid visa to either be permitted. A historic agreement that insurance will save many headaches for travelers, but that probably opens some questions as to security checks.

Visa for England visa to Ireland, two in one; sounds good in principle.

Under the agreement, an approved visa either Ireland or the UK, will be valid for travel to any of the two countries. The first to benefit from this agreement will be the Chinese visitors. Those who come from India will include early next year, followed by other countries later year.

Visa for England visa to Ireland

Undoubtedly Ireland and UK, neighbors for centuries engaged in a relationship full of conflict and reach an unprecedented level of cooperation that allows their governments to sign a historic agreement visas.

The agreement includes, of course, the ability to travel freely between the North and South of the island of Ireland with one visa under his arm.

Visa for England visa to Ireland

Concerns related to illegal immigration and the fight against terrorism intensified co-operation in recent years between the departments of Irish and British immigration, so that both countries share information and databases more frequent and intense.

The Irish government, for example, introduced a few years ago a program approved short visits, which allowed visitors from certain countries to visit Ireland if they had a visa that would allow them to stay in the UK for one hundred eighty days.

The list includes countries outside the European Union such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bosnia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuvait and other Middle Eastern countries. India, China, and Uzbekistan Kazaquistan were also included in the list of countries that saw then Thailand, Oman and Qatar were incorporated.

Visa for England visa to Ireland

Experience has proved very successful, with an increase of forty-five thousand more visitors from these countries between 2010 and 2013, representing an increase of seventy percent.

It would not be surprising that this new agreement will be extended in the future to countries like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Venezuela. A growing number of those who come to Ireland or UK from American contienente either looking for work, either looking to learn either English or just looking for adventure.

Visa for England visa to Ireland, two in one; well yes, it sounds good. We’ll see how this issue evolves. I’ll tell you.

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