Travel Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive if You Do These Things


As much as everybody would love to spend as much of their life possible traveling, the reality of the matter is that so many are too wrapped up with the day to day pressures of life that taking time off of work, or pulling the kids from school, or taking a break from life to explore and experience the world isn’t an option. It’s a shame, because travel is one of the only things in life you can spend money on that makes you richer.

If you have a desire to travel and are just figuring out how to manage your finances, it’s a lot simpler than you may think. In fact, travel doesn’t even have to be that expensive if you know all the tricks. There are multiple ways to acquire the funds, try one, or try them all. The important part is that you get out and travel no matter the cost.

Get An Airline Credit Card

There are those people in the world who are completely against credit cards, and that’s a valid thing if you’re really bad at managing your money, but if you work the system right, a credit card can be a great resource to you. Airline credit cards work in the way that when you spend money on them, for the amount of money you spend, you get airline miles.

If you use your card for things you have to spend money on anyway and you’re really good at paying things off, you’ll accrue miles quickly and you’ll have spent no money you wouldn’t have spent other wise. It’s a great way to practically get to travel for free.

Hit Up the Free Events in Town

One major expense of travel is food. Every city has places where food is available in large quantities for free. You just have to know where to find these events. Check out church or community gatherings. Go to parks, or you could even try to crash a wedding. If you work hard enough or if you’re just smart about things and you don’t buy expensive food at the drop of a hat, you can travel, eat well, and not spend much doing it.

Ditch the Hotels

Another massive expense for travel is lodging. It really shouldn’t be this way, but since businesses run primarily for the sole purpose of making money, they capitalize on every aspect that they can. For lodging, it is possible to find different options, though. Look into Airbnb, where you can get a room for way cheaper than you would get a hotel and you often have the advantages you would have if you were in your very own home, for a fraction of the cost of a hotel.

If Airbnb, or something like it doesn’t work, try out hostels. They might be gross, but they might also be clean. Do the appropriate research to see which ones are nice and you could find that travel costs you little to nothing.

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