The Solomon Islands cruises scheduled attract

The island country is located in Oceania, taking steps to attract cruise ships to its paradisiacal beaches.

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

The Port Authority of Solomon Islands (SIPA) developed during the National Tourism Forum 2014 a comprehensive program to attract the attention of representatives of the cruise industry.

Waetara Jane, CEO of SIPA, said that in recent years have made significant modernization plans Honiara wharf to attract cruise ships sailing in the South Pacific.

“Many of our neighbors benefit from international cruise traffic and positive impact on the local economy. From hotels, transportation providers and suppliers of food and drink, local cultural groups and even the artisans that make memories. It’s time for the Solomon Islands to participate in these benefits, “said Waetara.

Forecasts for 2014 show that the number of passengers on board the cruise ship may reach 21.7 million. Of these, 55% are American tourists who want to meet new international destinations. This, added to the great interest in the cruise that is awakening in Australia, has led to the SIPA to draw the conclusion that, even if a small proportion of those travelers could have a very positive impact on the tourism industry.

The Solomon Islands is an independent island nation located in Oceania, in traditional Melanesia. It is part of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Its territory is made up of over 990 islands spread between two archipelagos: the namesake, southeast of Papua New Guinea archipelago, and the islands of Santa Cruz, located north of Vanuatu. Its capital and largest city is Honiara, located on the island of Guadalcanal.

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