The Quantum of the Seas and its technological leap

Definitely the Quantum of the Seas will also be a cruise with lots of leisure options on board the cruise that technology exists today.

Using Smartphone on Cruise

Using Smartphone on Cruise

Led by Richard Fain, Chairman of the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, we could meet at a press conference from the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, all technological developments that incorporate the new ship of the company, some of which extend also to other boats.

“Cruise ships have a romantic past, but also have a lively and adventurous future generation,” said Richard Fain. “We are determined to use the best advances of modern technology and convert WOWs on board our ships, elminando any frustration on holiday. The combination of ease and flexibility of this boat would make a yoga instructor you were proud of. ”

Huge bandwidth  to connect to the internet, easy to use systems expand options for passengers and  facilitate the organization of Crucer or technology and  RFID facilitate boarding  and allow passengers to always know where your bags are.

Innovations in the Quantum of the Seas will be the following:

SMART Check-In: From the terminal to the ship in record time.

Passengers can generate shipping documents at home, raising your photo and receiving a digital confirmation. Once in the terminal, passengers can go directly to the boat without passing through any check-in counter, fill any role, no wait queue.

Passengers can make tracking your luggage with the mobile phone and will be tagged with RFID technology in the drop-off.

SMART Concierge: Flexibility at your fingertips

The Quantum of the Seas will offer RFID bracelets, requiring a simple tap to quickly navigate the ship, on board shopping or open the cabin among other applications.

Simplicity and efficiency also will be the heart of two new apps  that Royal Caribbean will provide us with:  Cruise Planner allow reservations  at restaurants, excursions, spa treatments and more, before they begin their vacation.  Royal iQ  in turn allow you to have on our smartphone or tablet  all the daily schedule of the boat and get in touch with other  passengers and even earth thanks to its ability to send text and phone calls.


SMART Connect: downloads at the speed of modern life:

Quantum of the Seas will have unprecedented bandwidth satellites using its technology partner O3b Networks. With ADSL speeds will equal the household. Passengers will be connected 24 hours, send and receive video, share photos on social networks, and video conferencing in the middle of the ocean.

SMART Experiences: Shaking martinis and rotating screens

The new Bionic will have some very special Bar waiters: Robots. Passengers make their request in a tablet and can enjoy as a  robot prepares cocktail  with all ingredients.

Robots are also protagonists in other facilities on board Quantum of the Seas. The show will Two70  6 robots that will participate in the shows  next to Vistarama, the huge glass wall that transforms into projection screen for entertainment.

Moreover, the Quantum of the Seas will have other small innovations like USB charging outlets in the cabins, energetically efficient lighting, and Virtual Balconies on inside cabins, which are 80-inch big screens showing the outside view as if you had a balcony in the room.

SMART Service: crew can connect better with passengers and your home

The technological advantages also extend to the crew. Applications as allow the crew to better understand the tastes of the passengers, allowing workers to customize their attention.

The technology will make it easier for the crew too, as Royal Caribbean crew will give away a tablet each Microsoft Windows, with a set of service life. As technological developments will be added to the fleet,  all will have their tablet, up to a total of 40,000 unidade s

SMART Sustainability: More limipio and greener

Sophisticated computer models have been used to reduce the power consumption of the Quantum of the Seas, with a configuration optimized hull, engine design and use of low power devices.

Aboard no incandescent lighting is used only LED or fluorescent. Motion sensors reduce lighting in hallways when no one travels on them.

The Quantum of the Seas is a cruise ship of 167,000 GRT (the world’s third largest) will Capacitya for 4180 guests at double occupancy, will homeport in Cape Liberty (New York) during its inaugural season and then will be moved to Shanghai, China. It will debut in November 2014.

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