Places to Go That Will Make You Appreciate Art in A Different Way

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Even people who aren’t artists can appreciate art, but they usually get stuck into one facet of it and they don’t dare to adventure out to experience all that art can be. Whether it’s out of fear of getting in too deep, being taken to a place emotionally that they can’t stand to go, or they just don’t connect or understand the method or reason behind the art, each reason shouldn’t exist, but it does.

Art is amazing because it can be anything to anybody. As long as it makes you think, makes you feel something, or invokes a “what the heck is that?” feeling, it’s served its purpose. If you have had a habit of sticking with one art form in life, such as music, movies, or painting by number and you long to get out and experience something new, here are places to go that will make you appreciate art in a different way:

New York City

If you go nowhere else in the world, make sure that you go to the most famous and most creative city in the whole of the entire world. New York City has been bragged on for centuries for being the greatest city in the world and the place people go to make something of themselves. For this reason, it’s a hotspot for art and culture.

New York is the melting pot of the world. Depending on the neighborhood you step into, you’ll be exposed to Latin culture, Jewish culture, Italian culture, Asian culture, and everything inbetween. With each people group comes a different creative expression. Not only do you need to hit up Broadway and go to every single show you can to get a taste of the human experience that comes alive through theatre, you have to stop and listen to the street musicians, watch the artists embrace the power of paint, and let yourself be moved by art that emanates from the city. You won’t return the same.


Speaking of another place that was once the center for world commerce and entertainment, the country of Italy is a must stop place is you want to experience the beauty of art in a different way. Not only must you visit the countryside and sit and drink wine surrounded by vineyards that are grown with the skill of a master craftsman themselves, you also have to hit some of Italy’s most famous cities.

Rome is obviously a must on that list for reasons pertaining to architecture and history among other things, but if you’re about experiencing all the art that Italy has to offer, hit up places like Florence, Naples, Milan, Genoa, and Pisa. The painting, the structures, the emphasis on design and being the best of the best are evident everywhere that you look in this amazing country.

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