Mesmerizing Cruise Lines: Romance and Cruising Seem to Go Hand in Hand


If you are among thousands of people around the world interested in combining the travelling experience with romance thrills, you are now more than ready to embark on a cruise line adventure. Get ready to discover amazing views andfind yourself right in the middle of nature. As a result, you will get surrounded by nothing else but beautiful sunsets, sunrises and the moon. The indescribable experience will remain in your heart forever. This way, you will feel glad to have chosen this amazing luxurious vacation for yourself and your partner. Let’s see some of the most amazing locations for you to consider for your future cruise experience.

Northern Lights Cruises: Perfect Choice for Natural Experiences

The Northern Lights are that type of natural phenomenon that is never easy to predict. However, if you choose to go there on a cruise during proper season, you have all the chances to witness it during the trip. The period when this amazing way of nature expressing itself can be witnessed is not far from now. You still have time to make this dream becamereality this year.

Norwegian Costal Voyages

What can you do on a cruise like this?

You can have fun admiring the dark, long nights of fall and winter and discover the unique bright spot while venturing onto the Northern Hemisphere. Many people only get a lifetime chance to be the witnesses of mesmerizing Northern Lights. If you are planning something special for you and your loved one this might be it for you. Everyone can choose one of the numerous cruise ships sailing into the Arctic Circle during this season every year. Make sure you sign-up for a front seat to be able to enjoy the most beautiful aurora borealisnatural phenomenon.

A Perfect Voyage to Iceland and Greenland

Iceland and Greenland are two options you can consider for this cruise on your adventure to discover the Northern Lights and their miraculous appearance. You will enjoy the hypnotic light show and then be able to indulge in several other excursions in the Arctic environment. Just imagine yourself travelling alongside dogsledding adventure seekers, snowmobile fans and those tourists that are passionate about tundra hiking. Sleeping in a snow-ice hotel does not sound bad at all. You will have the most romantic night experience there.

The Wonders of Norwegian Costal Voyages

Another great location to consider is Norway.  You can even engage in a Norwegian Coastal Voyage with Hurtigruten. This is a professional fleet that combines the experience of cruise lines with lifeline ferry system adventures. You will be able to enjoy the sheer selection of great itineraries for their daily cruise departures during the aurora borealis season.

You can choose a shorter or longer itinerary ranging from 5 to 11 days. This way you will become one of the few adventurers that port-hop between Bergen and Tromsø with the perfect stop right in the center of the North Pole. It is there that the Northern Lights wait to present themselvesduring their moment of glory.

You may also reach Kirkenes, which is close to the Russian border in the North. On your way to see the amazing lights, you can set out on various incredible excursions like evening snowmobile or even dogsledding expeditions towards the Lights Safari. Some of the itineraries even offer you the chance to enjoy a post-cruise overnight stay at the exciting Kirkenes Snowhotel. You will find the largest ice bar there and experience the reindeer sledging magic.

More Adventure Coming Your Way

In case you are seeking even more adventure during the cruise, you can also consider signing up for special astronomy voyages organized by guest astronomers ready to offer you answers to any questions you may have. This should offer you the added cosmic-themed treat you were looking for during this romantic trip.

When the moment comes to see the Lights, you will have the chance to be part of the amazing on-deck settings or the Zodiac boat experience to get most out of it. Moreover, you can also experience the phenomenon from land if this is your choice. Everything will be ready for you so that all you have to do is experience the magic of nature and have fun on your romantic cruise holiday.

It is time for changes, trying out new things and going on new adventures and expeditions this year. Follow your heart and dreams and get to that faraway place you have set up in your mind on an amazing cruise voyage together with your life partner.

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