Los Angeles – Film shows and attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood

Los Angeles - Film shows and attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood

The main attractions of your sightseeing tour of Los Angeles, no doubt, are in Hollywood.

And I think a visit is a must go to the theme park Universal Studios , where you can spend a day of great entertainment, not only for children but also for adults. Especially if you’re a movie buff.

The Universal Studios are a great theme park with two distinct concepts. On one hand, a theme park with shows and attractions related to many films produced by these famous film studios.

And for another and what is more appealing to moviegoers, a scenic tour of the historic scenery of the original Universal Studios.

There you’ll be able to recognize scenes in many films and popular series, and enjoy some attractions associated with these films, with amazing special effects.

Los Angeles - Film shows and attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood

In the theme park, many of these attractions are great shows related films, as is the case of Waterworld.

In a large amphitheater in front of a large decorated with lake including a story based on this futuristic film, with scenes of great action and amazing special effects shown, such as explosions, fires and even the incredible amenizaje a plane in the lake before us, astonished spectators.

Or the funny show called Animal Actors Universal, which many trained animals show some of its capabilities.

In other cases, it is attractions assembled from a film, in which a setting is achieved.

Universal Studios attractions

That is the case of attraction Jurassic Park, a large barge that sails through different scenarios to end up falling down a steep slide. Or the Return of the Mummy, a train a gentle roller coaster moves scenarios set in the film.

Also during your stroll through all the stages of the theme park Universal Studios, along with numerous small attractions, you’ll be surprised by representations made by various actors, or musical performances .

A highlight undoubtedly the musical The Blues Brothers; in a small outdoor theater you can see a performance with music and set in the film. Tips to visit Universal Studios.

Los Angeles - Film shows and attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood

As in the big theme parks, it is advisable to book your travel agenda at least one day, from early morning to fully enjoy all the shows.

When I visited the Universal Studios Hollywood, the initial idea was to finish the tour in the park for 16 hours, then take a trip to Las Vegas. But to make the most of the visit, we finally decided to rush to 20 hours … and we got to Las Vegas at dawn.

Universal Studios Ticket Prices

The ticket prices for Universal Studios are (2014), for one day, $ 92 for adults and children up to 10 years ($ 109 for two days) and $ 79 for children aged 3-9 years ($ 101 for two days)

If tickets are purchased in advance by internet, you save $ 5. On the other hand, the price of the preferred input (access to attractions without waiting queues) is $ 139.

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