Living maximum Istanbul at Hotel Room Mate Kerem

Living maximum Istanbul at Hotel Room Mate Kerem

The second week of October I was invited by the hotel chain Room Mate to visit their brand new Room Mate Kerem Istanbul.

My first one-and, to date-visit to the Turkish capital was in 2006 and my memories were more diffuse. On that trip I visited the tourist attractions: Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar , Bosphorus … So this time I changed my return ticket, extending my stay to kick my city on my own and know more about how they live Turkish capital.

Living maximum Istanbul at Hotel Room Mate Kerem

The situation Kerem Room Mate is perfect for it.

The hotel is ten minutes walk from the Galata Tower and about twenty of the most touristic area of the city, Sultanahmet. But besides monuments, is in the very heart of the bohemian nightlife of Istanbul. Many strokes occur in the chest while talking to the unrivaled night Madrid; the northeast of the peninsula talk about how cool it is Barcelona and her kittens; Islanders love Ibiza … Well, you all come to Taksim and kneel before the true temple of the night.

I will dedicate an article to the many nightlife options offered by the city but I advance that the concentration of bars, pubs, craft shops, tea shops, bookstores, restaurants and people, especially PEOPLE, I found in the Taksim area, specifically , charismatic and alternative district of Beyoglu , is something I have not seen in almost any other city in the world. And I speak not only for the weekends.

Living maximum Istanbul at Hotel Room Mate Kerem

We arrived at the Room Mate Kerem a Wednesday evening and went to dinner at a nearby restaurant. The Kerem is located just 2 minutes walk from the famous street Istiklal. It is the main artery of Taksim and Beyoglu and this Wednesday at 9 pm seemed greatly exceed the life of the Gran Via. And I speak not only of foreigners. Most young people walking in both directions were Turks. Groups of friends, couples, families, lonely … I got to thinking that the day was a national holiday.

However, despite being at the epicenter of the capital’s nightlife, no one could say when you finally find yourself lounging in your spacious room. That’s the advantage of finding a small road less traveled by both cars and pedestrians. And believe me this is really important because a few days later, I stayed two nights in a hostel located about 150 meters from the Kerem and I found it almost impossible to sleep because of the music heard in the street.

The area of Beyoglu allows travelers to visit the historical center of Istanbul – focused on Sultanahmet- walk. It is very comfortable down to the Galata bridge, cross it to visit and then return to your home using the Tunel -metro- that returns to Istiklal. And in the Kerem came to feel like home.

Living maximum Istanbul at Hotel Room Mate Kerem

The staff is very friendly and its director, Firat, accumulated many years of experience in exercising the same function in this hotel before it was acquired and renovated by Room Mate. This facelift work played a crucial role the famous interior designer Lázaro Rosa Violan . His influence has left its mark in every corner of the hotel with a practical elegance that does not abuse adornistico resource.
Living maximum Istanbul at Hotel Room Mate Kerem

Rooms with sixties’ says are varied. Some have a column in the middle of the room, other Turkish style shower with bench seating blue tiles; There are small rooms with a single bed or spacious duplex can accommodate four people.

On the ground floor next to reception is the resto-bar. It was here that we enjoyed every morning a breakfast of high quality. In addition, you will not lose it if you have not got up early. The Kerem lets you discover Istanbul at your own pace and you can enjoy the first meal of the day until 12 pm.

After touring the city on foot, one arrives at the hotel looking forward to pampering and attention that can replace him to face the dizzying night or simply relax her body, leaving you ready to dive into a peaceful sleep in the huge comfy bed of your room. For this the Kerem has a Spa with pool, saunas, gym and massage rooms where you can choose from a wide range of treatments.

Living maximum Istanbul at Hotel Room Mate Kerem

On Thursday night I saved a Malay girl. I got beaten to the hotel at 7pm and an hour later, his hands worked the miracle to massage my body from head to toe. He was ready to have a cocktail on the terrace. However, this option is only available in the summer.

When we went to visit her on Friday morning, we could see beautiful views of Istanbul. Nearby, within a hundred yards away, Firat pointed out a building almost ruinous state. Celia Diaz, the head of public relations Room Mate told us that this was the new project chain: Room Mate Ashli. It will be renovated to attract the gaze of her lover Kerem.

And few people know that Kerem and Ashli are the protagonists of the Turkish love story equivalent to Romeo and Juliet West. Kerem stands proudly and look from your balcony every morning waiting for her love to accompany you soon.

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