How to unnerve a stewardess, 10 things to do on a plane

How to unnerve a stewardess, 10 things to do on a plane

You and I, as travelers have experienced more or less delays patience and cancellations of flights, turbulence thousands of meters of altitude, the narrowness of the economy class or tours eternal from the runway to the gate where you disembark. But as everything has two sides, there is a type of workers who deal with all this from another point of view: and flight attendants. And most annoying things.

Flight attendants (call me classic but to me that term so right seems much more sterile than “stewardess” or “steward”) are surrounded every few hours for people with all kinds of attitudes before, during and after flying. Naturally, statistics are relentless, some of those people will not know how to behave and do things that are uncomfortable, annoying or even dangerous for aircraft and other passengers.

Well, let’s not get dramatic, what kind of attitude we talking about? A few days ago we received in the mail Viajablog a press notice (yes, readers, I read them almost all) the flight search engine Jetcost indicating the 10 things that annoy flight attendants on a plane.

How to unnerve a stewardess, 10 things to do on a plane

It is true that if something happens to the airplane, I am one of those who prefer to have a parachute to a life jacket. But safety standards are to be explained both passenger flying for the first time and those who still remember when the planes were only propeller. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, (can not remember when jets came because I have always known that) but with increasingly popular open routes and ticket prices, more and more people fly more often.

And more and more people are bored with the explanations security. They are only valid two attitudes, or pay attention or you do something else. But not to imitate the movements of the explanation or ridicule them. They probably make them less grace than you but jokes with this fair. Nothing obvious exception: some funny videos on-board security.

How to unnerve a stewardess, 10 things to do on a plane

Occupy all the space for luggage
As I write this, somewhere in the sky between OVD and BCN, I have a small bag under the front seat.
There was not a loophole in the overhead bins for storage because the airline you are flying does not collejas who get on board with more than one package, if you do other thing. And as my seat is in row 8, I have had to embark on the last, when more than a hundred passengers carrying more than one bag already appropriated the space provided, however illegitimate it.

So you have to engage the auxiliary down the corridor up and down the hall tickets playing Tetris with luggage compartments in it. Does not make them funny. Me neither, if not a last minute purchase at the Duty Free.

How to unnerve a stewardess, 10 things to do on a plane

Hinder the circulation corridors
Here I raise my hand as a diligent student and I proclaim that I do not. Okay, mostly because 99% of the time I get a window seat. But when I touched the aisle I have in mind that it is a space for the other passengers, airline staff and beverage carts, moving food and gifts.

None of the three legs makes them find grace in your way or arms suddenly desperezan almost any face. Like when one crosses the road, facing the relevant sides before making sudden movements and no entorpezcas traffic areas.

Use devices when they should
“But if my phone is in flight mode …” , “No, it says here … off …” , he replied Aer Lingus stewardess pointing at the relevant page on the airline magazine. And, of course, not to argue I turned off the phone.

That happened to me years ago in a DUB-MAD with my Nokia 5310 and I raised the question about the usefulness of mobile “flight mode”. The fact that some airlines allow it and others do not, did not help. Can you imagine that one region is a smoke at gas stations and the next is allowed? The same absurd.

A few months ago in an article I was wondering if it really is dangerous to use the phone on board an airplane . Soon after, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States authorized its use with certain restrictions and its European counterpart soon followed suit.

But both then with my Nokia, and now, with my Samsung, some passengers use electronic devices when they should or should not. See you then ‘turn to flight attendants remind standards (and then comes to mind my own case) and occasionally answers stand out like the aforementioned telecommunications engineer. I think I was quite polite, mind you.

How to unnerve a stewardess, 10 things to do on a plane

Leaving the seat before the end of the flight
Except you have to get on another plane ipso facto or travel without checked baggage but hurry, few things are more absurd than the race for blocking the hallway creating a long motionless line. Others have also been on the same flight and have the same, or more, like going out, but we do not until we reached the turn.

Igniting the mobile prematurely
Even me, I devote myself to writing about travel and count in social networks, it seems an exaggeration to say that the rush has already landed when he still has not landed. Anyway it is a one-hour flight from Asturias to Madrid three or four hours to get to the other side of Europe.

Unless it’s a true emergency (c’mon, a surgeon arriving for an operation and the patient is out of time), five minutes will not make any difference. Yes, that goes for those who invest in the stock market and are pending buy and sell securities.

Overuse ringer stewardess
If this button is usually located with the light overhead. And sometimes we press by mistake. But there are also who does what to ask to change the temperature inside the plane or bring them a drink when taking off or are just about to land.

Go to the bathroom or get up when you can not
I’ve seen people get up to go to the bathroom while the plane’s engines just reduce your power just after landing. I’ve also been in a flight that sounded the click of a seat belt is unbuckled because a passenger “needs” something the upper compartment … when the speakers commander says that of ” prepared Crew, entering runway for takeoff , nice flight.”

Use the plane as a dump
One of the measures to try to minimize the cost of operating an aircraft is the maximum time is in the air. Therefore the time between landing and taking off are getting shorter and that forces the airline staff have few minutes for internal cleaning.

Found, despite being passed several times where throwing garbage carts with wrappers lying on the floor or gum stuck to the seats is for a flight attendant or anyone simply disgusting.

Try unusual adventures
Yes, my friends and girlfriends older, we talk about sex in an airplane. The term “Mile High Club” refers to a theoretical club that bind those who succumbed to the disease of being cooped up in your sink practicing any of the limited positions that can be enjoyed in such a narrow environment. Or, if the flight is nocturnal and few passengers, reclining seats and blankets can avoid unexpected looks.

I can only assume (because I never really have had to live such a situation) if one is discreet in his movements and sounds and respectful if discovered, should not have a greater impact. But nobody understands that I am advising, or looking for someone to join the club.

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