How to Keep Yourself Safe From Dangerous Situations While Traveling


Travel is a time where many people let go of their inhibitions. You spend all year working 40 to 50 hours a week, making just enough money to skirt by and possibly go on one or two trips to some place exciting with your friends and/or family. Why wouldn’t you let your guard down and enjoy the trip for all that it has to offer?

While you can’t be blamed for adopting this attitude when you travel and go on vacation,  it’s an attitude that can bring a lot of unnecessary danger upon yourself and your travel buddies. If you aren’t aware of the dangers that are present in the place you’re visiting and you’re open to let chance, serendipity, and fate take you wherever you need be, you might find yourself in precarious situations that might result in as much as your death, so you must exercise caution.

Here are ways you can still have fun, but keep yourself safe from dangerous situations while traveling:

Watch Your Drinks

Granted, much of the fun of traveling and vacation lies in the alcohol, but this is the area where you must be vigilant. It’s okay to accept drinks from men or women who offer to buy them for you, but be sure that you’re watching the making of that drink and that you have your eyes on where it is at all times.

It seems uptight, but drugs that are slipped into drinks are odorless, colorless and tasteless. In other words, you’ll have no way of knowing you’ve been drugged before it’s too late.

Know What Is Going On Around You

Drugs, what they are, and how they’re taken are often demonstrated on television or in the movies. Heck, if you’re a normal person, you’ve probably seen many different kinds of drugs being taken or even tried a few for yourself. Obviously, the latter is a hopeful, no, but there isn’t any judgement being cast on those who have experienced different drugs.

The reality is that they’re extremely dangerous, but at this point in your life, you should know this, and you should care. If you want to stay safe during your travels, be aware of what is going on around you. If people are whipping out little bags with powder and pills, you can know that you probably are not in a safe environment.

Have Safety Measures in Place

A good rule of thumb for wherever you are in life, whether you’re traveling or you’re home in your own city, you need to have safety measures in place for yourself. Maybe that means you take some self defense classes. Maybe you always carry mace or a gun or knife…maybe that means when you’re out with friends, you always have one friend close by who isn’t drinking and is available upon call to come to your aid. It’s your life and other people do want to mess with it, no matter what you may think or believe. Be smart. Be safe. Stay alive.

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