Ford Apache – Exhibition of the culture of the Apache Indians in Arizona

The Apache Indians occupy a remarkable place in the still recent history of the United States, and if we are really interested in exploring the culture, during our tour of the west coast of the United States shall have occasion to visit the Center and Museum of the Apache Culture where we can also visit what remains of the famous Fort Apache.

Most of us know from Western movies Geronimo and Cochise were renowned Chiefs tribe of Apache Indians, who fought the US military in defense of its provinces.

Ford Apache - Exhibition of the culture of the Apache Indians in Arizona

And perhaps the greatest reflection of this period of American history is found in the legendary film Fort Apache, director John Ford, starring John Wayne, which shows the confrontation between the Apaches and soldiers of the US Army.

While the film Fort Apache was filmed in the incredible scenery of Monument Valley, if we are keen to visit the remnants of the original Fort Apache and Apache Indians culture we heading further south into Arizona.

Specifically, if we come through northern Arizona, the people of Fort Apache, and the entire area where the Cultural Center Apache, is situated three hours (280 km) southeast of Flagstaff, a city north of Sedona . And if we are in Phoenix, is a similar distance to the noeste on Highway 60, to take the 73 to the right past the town of Carrizo.

The Cultural Center Apache is a resort where you can visit the Historical Park Fort Apache, which is a pedestrian path in which you can see 27 historic buildings restored and whose origins date back to the days when the military fort was established, in 1870.

An antique military cemetery, the reconstruction of an Apache village and also visit the museum opened in 2004, in which various original objects of culture are exposed Apache Indians as well as photos that illustrate their recent history and the military settlement of Fort Apache.

Yes, although I have not had a chance to visit, do not expect to meet with the military fort typical of western movies, such as the legendary Fort Apache.

The Apache Culture Center is open from Monday to Saturday (hey, in winter only until Friday) from 8 am to 17 pm, and the ticket price for adults is $ 5.

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