Faro Airport, an important international airport in Portugal

Faro Airport, an important international airport in Portugal

When it comes to popular resorts, Portugal is one of the main tourist destinations in Europe.  Faro is south extreme of continental Portugal and the capital of Algarve region. Its Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches and relatively low cost attracts not only European tourists, but also tourists from different parts of the world. Algarve region is a popular tourist destination, due to its resorts, as well as a religious destination, due to the pilgrimages to the Sanctuary of Sovereign Mother. The region is mainly popular among Northern Europeans who come here to spend their holiday or even to buy properties. Due to its famous golf courses, the Algarve region was named the Leading Golf Destination in Europe, both in 2013 and 2014.
Faro Airport, an important international airport in Portugal 1

The access to the region is assured by Faro Airport, an important international airport in Portugal. The number of passengers passing through Faro Airport increased year after year and local companies improve a lot Faro airport taxi transfer. Tourists visiting this city can require Faro airport transfer in order to get safely to their hotel, a certain destination or to any resort in the region. If you are for the first time in Faro, it can be very difficult to find a taxi or a bus from the airport to your destination. Moreover, you can meet unlicensed taxi drivers who only want to profit of your kindness, making you lose time and money. In order to avoid that kind of situations, you may consider Faro airport taxi a good option, especially when you are unfamiliar with the city.

When you book an airport transfer, you will see that Faro airport transfer companies are reliable and put at your disposal professional drivers who will assure you a safe and comfortable journey. You will not have to pay anything additional, all the fees and charges are displayed once you make the reservation. If you consider the driver is friendly and helpful, you are free to tip him. Whether you travel alone or along with your family, you will find suitable services for you. Airport transfer companies provide all sorts of vehicle of which you can choose the one suiting you the best. In case you need private taxi transfers or airport transfer to golf courses, you will find many Faro companies providing these services. The fare of a transport is different from company to company, depending on the vehicle you choose or the number of persons.

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