Cool Things You Can Still Do While Traveling


Many people dream of traveling for an extended period of time or simply going on a long vacation. Others love the idea of moving somewhere exotic and starting a career there. These dreams are often prevented by issues such as limited leave from the office or other engagements.

Thanks to the internet, however, achieving these dreams is not really that difficult. There are some awesome things you can still do while traveling and we are going to take a look at some of them in this article.

Work and Make a Living

Just because you’re halfway across the globe, doesn’t mean you can’t still work and make a living. There are two ways you can do this and support yourself while traveling. First, you can get a WHV and find jobs as you visit different places. A lot of backpackers are doing this as a way to continue traveling without running out of money. Others do it more seriously and find themselves exploring amazing destinations while working awesome jobs.

The second approach is to keep the job you have back home. Some jobs can now be done remotely, which means you only need a laptop and a working internet connection to work whilst traveling. You can spend a few hours at the beginning of the day to take care of work and have the rest of the day free for traveling.

Stay in Touch and Have Fun

Another great set of things you can still do while you’re away is maintaining relationships with colleagues and relatives. Social networks certainly make this easier than ever, especially now that you can stream yourself live or share videos with your friends.

You can even start a travelogue and record every part of your journey as social media posts. You can Tweet or post spontaneous videos on Snapchat as you visit new places. Your friends back home can enjoy the same experience and share the entire trip with you.

There are other awesome things you can do to stay in touch too. Some travellers love to play games like Sun Bingo with friends and relatives back home. The idea of spending the evening playing bingo while talking about different things sounds appealing indeed.


Yes, you can actually study and pursue a degree of your choice while traveling. Even when you’re traveling overseas, there are distance learning programs that will accommodate your pursuit for a degree. You can sign up for an online course and go after bachelor’s – or even master’s – degree in various fields.

You’re not limited to online-only universities too. Some of the best universities in the country are actually making their own online learning programs available. You need to keep up with the course and spend enough time studying, but with careful planning you should be able to continue your education while exploring the world.

What other awesome things do you do while traveling? Do you have your own set of tips to share? Be sure to leave your stories in the Comments section below.

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