Best Times of Year to Cruise and Road Trip


For some people, there is no “best” time of year to travel, they simply head out whenever the mood strikes them. Cabin fever is a common motivator, but while many people only experience that once or twice a year, avid travelers get the itch to go on a weekly basis. While traveling can be great year round, there are certain times when it is more affordable or weather-permitting.

Avid travelers need to know when the best deals are to drive, fly, and cruise. Taking off every couple of months can certainly be costly, so knowing how to find the best deals is imperative. While some websites can help you find affordable places to stay, other travelers simply find their favorite hotel getaway for cheap. Included here are a few of the best times for travel in different modes.


Taking a cruise is one of the easiest ways to enjoy a relaxing vacation for an affordable amount. Cruise ships offer all-inclusive meal plans with your cabin, as well as entertainment options on a nightly basis. With the constant stops at local towns and islands, you are sure to experience culture, natural beauty, and unmatched opportunities for recreation and exploration.

Cruising the Caribbean is most popular in the winter months, due to the poor weather conditions up north and the dry, yet warm, conditions down South. Many agree that June is the best time for taking a Caribbean cruise, as the winter wanderers have all headed home but the hurricane rainy season has not yet begun. For the lowest cost cruises, book from April to May and September to January. Never book on holiday weeks or weekends and your cruise should cost less and stay uncrowded!

If you are cruising Alaska, the most popular months are June through August. These months offer the most mild of Alaskan weather as well as beautiful views and incredible on-shore experiences. Consider going before school lets out to avoid the kids on board or visit right before school starts up again in the fall, to enjoy beautiful Autumn foliage and reduced crowds on board.


As all-American as apple pie, a road trip across the United States is the dream of many. However, holing up in your car can be significantly more fun if you choose the right time of year. Unfortunately, gas prices tend to be highest during the summer months, but driving conditions will be more favorable. Aim to hit northern states, from Maine to Washington, in the summer months, while trips down south can take place at any time of year.

Carefully research which landmarks and activities you want to experience while on the road to make the most of your adventure. If you want to experience skiing in Colorado, fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, or swimming in the Pacific ocean, you will need to watch your seasons carefully. Balancing the costs with the value of recreation will help you decide when to travel.

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