Antarctica excursion “door to door”

A new type of tourist trip to Antarctica is about to begin, with the help of the newly renovated yacht Enigma XK and Eyos Expeditions.

Antarctica excursion

Antarctica excursion

The aircraft charter company Chapman Freeborn shipping and delivery Eyos Expeditions have teamed up to offer expeditions “door to door” to Antarctica by private jet and luxury yacht charter.
The inaugural season aboard the yacht Enigma XK promises to bring a new level of luxury and adventure in the far reaches of the planet.

Building on the success of their collaboration signed in early 2014, Chapman Freeborn and Eyos Expeditions have launched their private jet and boat expeditions to Antarctica. The prospect of a trip to the most remote continent on the planet becomes more exclusive, with the opening of the first season aboard the charter boat last Eyos Expedition: The Enigma XK .


Currently completing a three-year renovation, the Enigma XK 71 meters in length and up to 12 guests, will be the best equipped expedition yacht fleet. This boat has been specifically designed to offer spectacular views of the landscapes of Antarctica. The opulent Owners Suite allows 180 degree view from under the bridge, while the lounge offers guests a truly luxurious experience, while sailing along the giant icebergs. Customers also benefit from a gym on board, hairdresser and masseuse.

Ben Lyons, CEO Expeditions Eyos comments on the ship: “The Enigma XK is one of the few yachts designed to be a true expedition vessel. It has a professional team that understands the unique demands of an expedition, a sturdy helmet through the ice of Antarctica and range to explore away from any infrastructure support. When the incredible landscape of Antarctica aboard facilities combined Enigma XK and convenience of private jet transfers, you can really taste the ultimate Antarctic experience”

Chapman Freeborn charter offers solutions with Eyos for a variety of options in Antarctica. Expected to be the most popular option for 10 days, where guests fly directly to Punta Arenas, Chile before embarking on a specially equipped yacht to Antarctica. Another option for guests is to fly to Ushuaia, Argentina and begin your expedition from there on a cruise past the famous Cape Horn.

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