A Quick Walk through the Hockey Equipment Timeline


Just like the sport hockey, so has its rules, equipment and style changed over the years. During hockey’s early stage, players gamed on natural forms of ice. Very rarely would you come across a substitution. Thus, the game’s uniform was custom made to keep players warm and cozy. However, innovation and thought has changed the play’s overall environment, equipment and uniform too. It’s being a century and players are gifted with equipment that can maximize agility and performance with the right amounts of protection & flexibility. In the next few lines, you will get a comprehensive insight on how hockey equipment has evolved over the years (from the 19th century to current day hockey).

Timeline #1 – Leather Gloves from 1800!

It all began with leather gloves that were worn for keeping the player warm and protected. During late 1800s, players used felt (or leather) to safeguard their shins. These strips were carefully reinforced with cane to prevent the likelihood of injuries caused by the pucks and sticks. Visit this website to know more about the most trendy leather gloves in town!

Timeline #2 – Leg Pads From 1816!

After 16 long years, the goal keeper was asked to wear effective leg pads. History records George Merritt as the very first hockey player to wear leg pads. However, the leg pad was nothing more than basic cricket pads. Sooner, players received equipment to protect their kneecaps. The gloves and kneecap shields were made of rattan or bamboo sticks. The very first player to take care of his back and shoulders was Fred “Cyclone” Taylor. He sewed scarps of felt onto his underskirt, near the back and shoulders. This was when players moved onto the use of felt-based elbow pads too!

Timeline #3 – Masks From 1930!

The idea of wearing a mask popped up during early 1930s. The decision was regarded as an after effect of Clint Benedict’s broken nose. On February 20th 1930, Clint wore the first leather-based hockey mask. Nevertheless, the use of leather masks was not approved in the long run.

Later during the year, hockey players were asked to wear sweaters with numbers that are at least 10 inches long! Many hockey uniforms were re-designed by the beginning of the 1930-1931 Season. The sweaters had long, colorful numbers printed on them. And, each player was given a unique number.

Timeline #4 – Helmets from 1933!

Till 1933, hockey players did not wear a helmet. Eddie Shore was the first player to wear a helmet after the violent collision during NHL matches. By 1960, only four players wore hockey helmets on a regular basis (namely, Warren Godfrey, Boston Bruins, Vic Stasiuk and Charlie Burns). With time, many improvements were made to the list of hockey equipment. From metal pads to soft cushioned (yet strong) ones, players were allowed to use a wide range of equipment for safety and comfortable gaming. This website will help you buy stunning helmets from renowned names in the market.

Timeline #5 – Elbow Pads From 1955!

As time passed, a new kind of elbow pad was introduced for hockey players in 1955. This was an exquisite creation with sponge and a very strong plastic covering. The first club to experiment this pad was Detroit Red Wings. They considered the new elbow pad as one of the era’s biggest developments and advised other players to use it too!

Timeline #6 – Shin Guard from 1961

Circa 1961 (as it is called) represents the usage of a brand new shin guard by hockey players! The guard was light weight and extremely protective. Additionally, the shin had new plastic with the ability to resist puncture. The very year, a Prolite Skate with “Pro Guard” was introduced. This gave the new skate an edgy look with enhanced durability and toughness. Browse through websitefor more details about brand new shin guards.

Timeline #7 – Fiberglass Blade from 1976

The list of hockey equipment would remain incomplete without the fiberglass blade. The fiberglass blade was attached to the hockey stick in 1976. Consequently, the blades became stronger and much more durable. Latter, NHL encouraged the use of special aluminum shaft sticks.

Timeline #8 – Modern Hockey Equipment Today!

Today, hockey players tend to game with helmets that have optional visors and straps. These helmets are made of firm vinyl nitrile that can reduce the chances of facial injuries. And, hockey helmets are sold in different shapes, sizes and designs too. Another important hockey equipment would be the “Neck Guard”. This is a classy neck gear that is comfortable and tear resistant. As suggested by its name, the neck protector is capable of reducing potential neck & throat injury. Likewise, Lexans are used to protect players from neck & throat injury too!

The Ultimate Bottom Line

From hockey shoulder pads to hockey jerseys to gloves to shin guards to garters to mouth guards to ice skates to hockey pucks to hockey sticks, the list of essential hockey equipment is discreet and predominantly long!Each of these gears are fine-tuned and custom designed to ensure protection, style and comfort.

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