A Guide to Top Asian Dive and Cruise Destinations


Southeast Asia has a wide variety of diving sites. From the islands of the Pacific to the Indian ocean, many divers believe that Asia has some of the planet’s best diving destinations. A rich underwater ecosystem has been created by the combination of warm water, abundant sunshine, sandy beaches and tropical weather. Thus, the seas are filled colourful coral reefs with a diverse collection of tropical fish and many other marine creatures. Also, many old shipwrecks line the ocean floor and they have become home to diverse schools of fish that offer an exciting environment of exploration. Here are some of the best places in Asia to enjoy liveboard dive and cruise adventures.


Thailand has a reputation of being among the most famous dive destinations in Asia. One of the best ways to enjoy the variety of dive sites in Thailand is by going on a diving cruise, especially along the west coast. Not only will you enjoy the amazing scenery as you cruise on liveboards, you will also get great value for your money. Most of the popular liveboards in Thailand run to Simidan Islands – the diving hub of the country. Here, you can find a range of boats from luxury boats to the low cost backpacker standard. Some also run from Phuket Island to the Phi Phi Islands, Koh Ha , and Hin Muang.


Malaysia is home to many popular scuba diving sites on the Pacific coastline. But liveboards in Malaysia can take you on a cruise when you must visit dive destinations that are not accessible in the dive resorts. For example, the famous Sipadan Island, that rises straight out fo the ocean bed is a gem with a wonderful aquatic ecosystem surrounding it. But there are many other great Malaysian dive sites that are worth visiting. Some of the sites are located on Malaysian Peninsula while others are in the province of Sabah on Borneo. Other dive spots include the island of Layang Layang and Tioman island.


Indonesia is situated at the epicentre of global marine biodiversity. So there are few coastal nations that can surpass the underwater riches of this country. With more than 13,000 islands, Indonesia is a natural choice for dive cruises and the use of liveboards. Taking a liveboard cruise will give you the opportunity to explore diving destinations like Komodo. Also, the cruises to Banda Islands offer you the freedom to dive and see large-sized schools of different species of fish including barracuda and various kinds of sharks. Other places that give you the opportunity for frontier diving include Triton Bay, Raja Ampat, Cendernwasih and West Papau.


Diving in Burma allows you to explore the islands of the Mergui Archipelago which consists of more than 800 islands. In Burma, you can enjoy various underwater scenes including tunnels, caverns, and walls as well as boulders and pinnacles covered by gorgonian sea fans and soft corals. One of the distinguishing features of liveboard adventures in the waters of Burma is the tranquility. You will be cruising in a place with relatively few boats. For instance, at the Black Rock, which is an excellent dive site to see various types of sharks, you will see the black-tip reef shark, grey reef shark and the white tip shark. You will also see smaller creatures that to hide in the crevices found the common underwater topography of this country.

Those are some of the most important destinations for dive and cruise adventures in Asia. For the best diving experience, you should visit these countries between May and October when the waters are warm and many large fish like to migrate.

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