8 essential visits for your trip to San Francisco

8 essential visits for your trip to San Francisco 1

For various reasons, when you make a trip to the west coast of the United States , when visiting San Francisco you can find that you can not devote much time to it.

Although a great visit to San Francisco is well worth a minimum of three days, you can maybe only devote a day or a day and a half to tour city is so incredibly attractive. But this should not be an obstacle for you to make essential visits this city of California.

In order to help you plan a short visit to San Francisco, then I will recommend lso what places are essential to see.

Of course, to make these visits in a short space of time, it is imperative that you have a rental car , considering that in San Francisco you can move very easily, and have no trouble parking.

1. Advisable to First and climb the hill to Twin Peaks , where you’ll have the best views of the city and bay , which also allow you to put yourself ahead of the subsequent visits.

2. Then My advice is to go directly to the Golden Gate, the famous suspension bridge that connects the San Francisco peninsula with the north, which becomes an open door to the San Francisco Bay.

It is best to go to the viewpoint ( view point ) on the north shore, which is located on the right, just across the bridge, where you’ll have the best views of the bridge and the city of San Francisco . You will also have the opportunity to take a short walk across the bridge.

8 essential visits for your trip to San Francisco

3. Another must visit are the famous hills of San Francisco. To do this, you must go to the district of Nob Hill, north of the city, where you have beautiful views of the impressive steep streets.

And the most famous, whose visit is mandatory, is Lombard Street, the super-steep curves that you have seen in many movies.

4. In this area you can also see the traditional cable cars that now have become a tourist attraction. The only line that keeps running trams linking the city center to the coastal zone of La Marina .

5. To enjoy the great charm of the streets with European ambiance that San Francisco is the best go to Alamo Park in the district of Haight Ashbury, where you can enjoy the beauty of Victorian houses known as the Painted Ladies.

6. Perhaps one of the best examples you can find in the world of Chinatown is the Chinatown in San Francisco (much more attractive than, say, the New York …).

7. Muy near Chinatown, you take a stroll through the district of North Beach , also known as Little Italy , where you’ll find a great atmosphere.

8. And to complete the day, the latest must-see in San Francisco is going to Fisherman’s Wharf, old fishing port that has become a major leisure and entertainment district with restaurants and bars frequented by always tourists.

Obviously we would to see many attractions of the city of San Francisco, pending a new journey, but visits have been raised assure you the essentials of this beautiful city.

Let us know your experience

If you’ve had occasion to visit San Francisco, tell us what must visit for you, as these tips may be useful for future travelers who are planning a trip to San Francisco.

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