6 Sure Ways to Make Your Kids More Comfortable During Long Travels


With exhaustion, achy bodies and boredom, long travels are already stressful enough for people without kids. And with cranky and bickering children at the back of your car, it’s easy to imagine the idea of a long family road trip as a nightmare.

Fortunately, however, that isn’t always the case. Planning ahead of time and these 6 easy tips can help ensure your children’s comfort while travelling.

1.   Plan for stopovers

Children naturally have short attention spans and they’re likely to make you realize that with constant whining and asking if you’re there yet. To keep them entertained, you should schedule stops at least every two to three hours. Make sure all kids get out of the car, unless they are asleep,  to take a short walk or do some stretchings.

2. Make them wear comfortable clothes

If it’s going to be a really long travel, it’s best if you can have your kids wear their most comfortable clothes- even if that involves their pajamas and bedroom slippers. You can just bring an extra sweatshirt or jacket for each child which can be used to cover up their attires during stops.

3. Load up with snacks

As much as possible, fill your portable cooler box with healthy snacks and real foods. This will help you and the kids resist the temptation of unhealthy foods along the road. You can throw in granola bars, fruits and even BLTs. Make sure you also have enough water to keep everyone hydrated during the journey.

Campingaz Powerbox 28 Deluxe Te Cooler is a good choice for long travels as it comes with a high-performance thermoelectric cooler to keep your food hot or cold for longer hours.

4. Make Your Kids Busy

Keep children preoccupied with books, toys and video games. As you stack up on activities, remember to include extra sets of batteries as well as earphones to make sure your kids stay in their proper seats. It can also help if you can come up with surprise activities once in a while.

5. Prepare for comfort

If you’ll be travelling during the day, you can attach sun shades to keep the vehicle cool, particularly at the side windows. In case there’s more space, you can bring extra blankets and pillows so your kids can nap without hurting their necks. It’s also a good idea to check your car’s airconditioning system before hitting the road.

6. Remind Your Kids About Proper Posture

Paying close attention to the way they are sitting will give you hints on how they’ll feel after a few hours on the road. If they are slouching or sitting in an awkward position, there’s a good chance you’ll be bombarded with a lot of complaints halfway through the journey.

If your kids have a hard time sitting properly, you can use a small pillow to support the small of their backs. You can also remind them to keep their feet flat on the floor from time to time to prevent hip and back aches.

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