5 Ways To Pick Your Next Travel Destination


There can be a bit of stress involved when it comes to choosing vacations destinations, as ironic as that sounds. Depending on your circumstances, the decision of where to go might even be more stressful than the decision of whether you can go on a vacation at all! It all comes down to the pain and anxiety of having options.

But there are five ways that you can always depend on coming up with a good answer to your question. You can start sorting possibilities by type of vacation, geography, weather, seasonal discount, or even just asking friends and family what they suggest. Using these methods will help you knuckle down with what’s really important.

Type of Vacation

You can pick your vacation based on type, for starters. Do you want to head to a resort? Are you more interested in a relaxing journey, or an active one? Is this a vacation where you’re spending lots of money, or one that’s based more on a smart budget? Choosing by type in this way will ensure that your end result matches with your type priority, and the other details will just take care of themselves.


There’s the option to choose your vacation by geography. Some considerations in this case would be if you wanted to visit a place that has a certain culture, for example, or maybe even more simply you want to vacation somewhere that you know one of your friends lives near. Having a friend in Europe might mean that you’re that much more likely to want to vacation in that geographical region, all other things being equal.


Are you a sun baby or a snow bunny? If you find that your priority for having a good time is based on weather conditions, then obviously this should be what you choose your vacation based on. You can vacation at ski resorts, or you can vacation on beaches. What resort, or what beach, probably doesn’t matter as much as the fact that your activity of choice is there simply based on weather conditions at the time.

Seasonal Discounts

If you’re trying to stay more on budget, but still want to go somewhere amazing, consider that looking for seasonal and off-peak vacations might be what you’re looking for. Ski towns when it’s not snowing, or beach towns in the winter – you can get ridiculous discounts going there simply by paying attention to timing.

Asking Friends and Family

If all else fails and you’re drawing a blank, consider that asking friends and family what their favorite vacations spots were might be your best choice. They might say camping in the woods, or they could say Disneyland, but in the end, the pressure will be off of you to try to find an answer more than a shot in the dark.

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