3 Top Cruise Destinations for a Meditative Retreat


When you think of the typical cruise experience, what comes to mind? If you’re the meditative sort, a cruise might not be your first choice for a getaway – especially if the idea conjures up images of all-you-can-eat smorgasbord buffets, nighttime entertainment, and luxurious bedroom suites.

But there’s a cruise for everyone – even those of us who enjoy the simpler side of life. If you hope to spend your travel days in quiet contemplation, consider going on a meditative retreat.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Many travelers cite “finding yourself” as a reason for the journeys they take. But traveling can also bring along stressors – like scheduling all the sightseeing and activities you want to experience, trying to navigate an unfamiliar place, and in many cases, communicating with locals who speak another language. These stressors can inhibit the finding.

When mindfulness is the destination, you’ll come home rejuvenated. Practicing mindfulness on a regular basis improves mental and emotional health, helps with recovery from addiction, and improves overall mental clarity. By taking a meditative vacation, you’ll enjoy these benefits even more.

Where to Go

Consider the following 3 cruise destinations for a truly mindful, meditative trip.

  • Philippines. This beautiful nation consists of a series of islands, all with their own personality. San Benito – part of Lipa city – is host to one of the most highly regarded wellness retreats in the world. Called The Farm, this resort offers travelers a haven for detoxing and healing amid a beautiful landscape with peacocks roaming free. You’ll enjoy delicious natural raw and vegan meals and take part in yoga, aqua therapy, body wraps, meditation, massages, and more.
  • Thailand. The nation of Thailand has a lot to offer. You can enjoy a lovely river cruise and attend a yoga, wellness, or detox retreat. The country is host to spectacular temples that represent an amazing culture and history, as well as beautiful beaches. You may also take part in ancient therapies like Thai massage and acupuncture to refresh your mind and body. Whatever your meditative need, Thailand will welcome you with open arms.
  • Egypt. Take a leisurely Nile cruise to arrive at Dahab, a friendly village situated on the golden sand beaches of the Red Sea. Enjoy a sacred meditation camp or seek treatment at one of Dahab’s famous therapeutic centers. Enjoy desert meditation, underwater yoga, Reiki, massage, and more. You can also trek to the summit of Mount Sinai to take in the view of the desert and sea – as well as any spiritual energy you may find.

Final Thoughts

Cruises have a number of benefits. A cruise vacation is family friendly and usually a great value as well. Combine these advantages with the positive health effects of mindfulness and meditation for the perfect wellness vacation.

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